Active Work Packages

Here you find the ongoing and completed work packages. There are two types: those related to the framework of LibreCube and those related to hardware/software prototypes.

The following links are available for a work package:

  • manage: links to a web-based tool for agile project management
  • data: the cloud storage for the work package, organized as follows:
    • references: reference implementations, related publications, etc.
    • meetings: material for/from WP related meetings
    • standards: applicable standards for this work package
    • workspace: all generated items that are not under revision control
  • repo: the gitlab repository for source files under revision control.



id title manage data repo status
WP-0001 Reference architecture link ongoing
WP-0002 LibreCube board specification link ongoing
WP-0004 Open source software baseline  – link ongoing


id title manage data repo status
WP-1003 GPS module with ECSS-CAN interface link link complete
WP-1004 CCSDS frame exchange over radio link link link link ongoing
WP-1005 ECSS-CAN bus in micropython  – link link complete
WP-1006 Robust power supply system link link link ongoing
WP-1007 Web-based 3D visualization of orbit and attitude  link link  link ongoing
WP-1008 Build SatNOGS antenna station link link  – ongoing