ECSS-CAN Prototype

The adaption of the ECSS standard “ECSS-E-ST-50-15C – CANbus extension protocol” will be an important feature of future LibreCube on-board systems, to make on-board communication utmost robust and reliable. A milestone has been achieved with a prototype demonstrating master-slave communication. The slave node is connected to a GPS receiver and provides its information to the master node. Both are connected via a redundant CAN bus interface, and implemented an ECSS tailored version of the CANopen protocol stack.

More information and the entire source code can be found at the WP2601-02 entry in the Work Packages section.



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  1. RaMansell says:

    Good work! I have experience with CANbus hardware (particularly the AT90CAN128 Atmel chip) and would love to help out in this area. If you need some custom boards developed/made, let me know. –Richard

  2. Emmanuel G says:

    Nice prototype.
    We use CAN network a lot in automotive. I had opportunity to do presentation to students on it, demonstratinf with Arduino Due.
    Don’t forget it should also use twisted pair.

  3. artur says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Not only is the CAN bus superior to I2C (which sadly is used on almost all CubeSats), but with the ECSS specification it becomes even more applicable to space use.

    • lricardo says:

      Hi Artur! is there any document that explains the advantages of CAN bus over I2C for space applications?

      • artur says:

        I have a paper pending for journal publication that also deals with the aspects of CAN bus versus I2C. Contact me at artur.scholz(at) then I send it to you. In short, CAN comes from automotive sector (where safety is of utmost importance), whereas I2C is mainly for consumer electronics (CD player etc.).

        • Emmanuel G says:

          Hello, Yes, CAN is widely used in automotive. It permits several calculator (up to 64 I think) to be connected over several meters of wires. Can even be +100 meters (with lower speed). Safety & reliability are importants.

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