High altitude balloon flight


On April, 25th 2015 around 10:30 local (02:30 UTC) a high altitude balloon experiment was launched from GueiRen campus (about 22.94 N, 120.28 E) of National Cheng Kung University Taiwan. The payload of the balloon was a long range communication experiment, composed of LibreCube-based modules. The structure, power system, communication system, and processing system were made from projects LC-2102, LC-2201, LC-2301, and LC-2501, respectively.


The flight experiment was successful, with lots of data (containing on-board time, GPS information and HPA setting) returned during the entire flight. The signal was lost abruptly after around 2 hours of flight, due to loss of sight (balloon burst behind above mountain range). The flight path is shown below. (Note that in the image only the ground track is shown and not the altitude).

flight path

Thanks to Randy Hsiao for processing the flight data and to DK3WN and UZ7HO for help with the frame decoding.

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