Great to hear that you are interested in contributing to the LibreCube initiative to make space and earth exploration accessible to everyone! There are various ways to get involved. One way is to reproduce and operate the LibreCube elements, and to provide feedback. Also, from time to time there are smaller tasks announced via the mailing list. Make sure you are subscribed to it. Have a look at the community page!

Most of the work however is organized via work packages (WP). A work packages is a manageable amount of work that has a defined outcome and that can usually be be completed within weeks or months. A work package can be processed by a small team (sometimes in the form of a working group) or even individuals.

There are two categories of work packages: those related to the LibreCube framework and those related to projects. The work packages for the framework include definition of requirements specifications, selection and definition of standard interfaces, research on useful open source software for technology development, logo designs and artwork, legal and organizational aspects, etc. The work packages for prototypes on the other hand comprise all activities that lead from ideas and breadboard designs potentially to a first release of a new LibreCube element.

So now it’s up to you! Do you want to:

  • Join an ongoing work package? Go here.
  • Start a new work package? Go here.
  • Propose a work package? Please get in contact with us.