On this page you find the ready-for-use LibreCube elements. You can freely build, study, modify, combine, and operate them as you like to meet your mission goals. All the source code and design files of each element are packed into version controlled repositories and hosted at gitlab.

We aim to make LibreCube elements versatile and reusable. A power system for example is needed in almost all crafts: drones, satellites, robots, and so on. Therefore we make use of a reference architecture, which defines all elements of an exploration mission in a modular way, with compatible interfaces. To achieve this, we make extensive use of standards.

If you have suggestions on how to enhance these elements or if you found a bug, then please use raise an issue in the gitlab repository. For other questions or discussion you may want to have a look at the community page.

We use a common folder structure for each repository.

LC-3103 Flatsat Board
Allows parallel mounting of boards and provides full access to all the pins.
LC-3201 1U Test-POD
LC-3202 2U Test-POD
Test-PODs are used for vibration testing.

More to come…