Everyone is welcome to join the community and to contribute their part to achieve the objectives of LibreCube. There are two main ways to contribute: to use and improve published projects and to contribute to work packages for new projects and related works.

Published Projects

Projects are published on an external repository hub when they have reached their first stable release and from then on are subject to rigor revision control. Each project is managed by an appointed repository manager. Anyone can contribute to published products in the following ways:

  • Report bugs/errors and request features: Use the issues tracker of the repository to report bugs/errors and request features. Alternatively post to the mailing list.
  • Implement improvements: To apply modifications¬†(such as patches) to a project, first fork it and create your own local repository. There you can implement and test all your modifications. Please submit a pull request then to include your modifications¬† to the master repository. The repository owner will then review and merge your changes.
  • Provider user experience feedback: Any feedback on how you made use LibreCube projects and the difficulties and successes you encountered along the way is valuable and important for the whole community. Please share such feedback via the contact form or the mailing list. Thanks!

Work Packages

The huge effort that is to be carried out to achieve the LibreCube vision, is organized into small chunks of manageable work packages. These work packages have defined inputs and outputs and are concise enough to be implemented by a small team or even individuals.

Each work package has a unique ID and an owner that is responsible for managing the package. There are two categories of work packages: those related to the LibreCube framework and those related to projects.

The work packages for the framework include definition of requirements specifications, selection and definition of standard interfaces, research on useful open source software for technology development, logo designs and artwork, legal and organizational aspects, etc. Most of those work packages are being addressed by dedicated work groups.

The work packages for projects comprise all (system engineering) activities that lead from breadboard designs and experimental prototypes, through testing and verification, to the first release of a project in the form of a project repository. See the guidelines section to learn how those repositories are organized.

Other Tasks

Various other small tasks will be announced via the mailing list when need arises.