Proposed Work Packages

Here you find a list of proposed work packages. If you are interested to take the lead on one of those, or have questions, please get in contact with us.

1U CubeSat structure

Goal: The objective is design a structure following the CubeSat Design Specification for a 1 unit CubeSat, that allows integration of LibreCube board stacks through a slide-and-fix approach. The structure shall be self-standing and rigidly assembled, but modular enough to ease manufacturing. Provisions for kill switch mechanisms and deployment switches, as well as side panel mounting shall be made.

Skills: FreeCAD and/or OpenSCAD

Duration: 1-3 months

Space Link Extension (SLE) Gateway in Python

Goal: The Space Link Extension (SLE) services extend the CCSDS telemetry and telecommand space link services, to route frames between ground stations, mission control centers and users. A SLE gateway is a small computer (for example a Raspberry Pi) that is implements the SLE API. The goal is to implement the SLE API in Python code. SLE is used heavily among space agencies and space industry to share ground station resources. Applying SLE to CubeSat missions would help to establish a ground network to reduce costs and improve global coverage.

Skills: Python

Duration: 6-9 months