Repository Structure

Each element repository holds all the design information plus all information needed for its production and operation. This includes CAD files, schematics, source codes, PCB files, documents, datasheets, and so on. The repositories are commonly structured as follows:

  • design
    • datasheets: from off the shelf components
    • electrical: schematics, PCB layouts
    • mechanical: CAD models and drawings
    • firmware: source code of embedded software
  • documentation
    • pictures: photos of the hardware parts and assembly
    • figures: any generated graphic related to the project
  • production
    • bom: bill of materials
    • electrical: Gerber files for PCB production
    • mechanical: files for 3D printing or machining
    • firmware: binary files of compiled source code
  • verification: documentation of testing and/or support software for checkout and testing

For pure software projects (such as desktop applications) the following two folder are different:

  • design
    • source: source code
  • production
    • release-xxx: executable file and libraries for specific target platform