Work Packages

Below are the planned, ongoing, and completed work packages. There are two types: those related to the framework of LibreCube and those related to hardware/software prototypes.

The collaboration links are provided: manage for agile project management, data for cloud storage of documentation and files, and repo for version control of software. Not all of those are used for every project.


id title manage data repo status
WP-0001 Reference architecture for LEO CubeSat mission link
WP-0002 LibreCube board specification link ongoing
WP-0003 Generic payload interface specification
WP-0004 Open source software baseline  – link


id title manage data repo status
WP-1001 Camera system (VGA resolution)
WP-1002 1U CubeSat structure
WP-1003 GPS module with ECSS-CAN interface link link complete
WP-1004 CCSDS frame exchange over radio link link link ongoing
WP-1005 ECSS-CAN bus in micropython  – link link complete
WP-1006 Robust power supply system link  –
WP-1007 Web-based 3D visualization of spacecraft orbit and attitude  link link ongoing 
WP-1008 Build SatNOGS antenna station link link  ongoing