Open source solutions for your exploration mission

LibreCube provides you with modular, low-cost, standards-compliant, open-source elements that can be combined to form complex systems for exploration. That includes spacecraft, rovers, drones, robots, and more. Our vision is to provide access to space and earth exploration to everyone.

Open source to the core. Everything we develop is provided under an open source license, freely available to everyone. Moreover, we only use free and open source tools, so that everyone can get involved. [Learn more] Standards (in particular for interfaces) are essential to make sure that LibreCube elements can work together. We only use freely available and recognized standards, mostly from the space domain. [Learn more] We recognize that every exploration mission can be broken down into generic and specific elements. The LibreCube reference architecture defines the generic building blocks for such systems. [Learn more]

The cubic concept is inspired by the CubeSat program, which helped to make space more attainable to universities and start-up companies. We want to go a step further – and make space and earth exploration accessible to everyone!

Do you want to get started and build your mission from LibreCube elements? Go to theĀ Reference Architecture to see which elements are ready for use.

Are you interested in joining the LibreCube community and perhaps contribute as coder, designer, artist, hacker, radio amateur, engineer, etc.? Check our Roadmap to see what activity would be of interest to you.

Don’t hold yourself back – we need you!